The Problem with the Current Commissioners

Ted and David have each chosen to run because an all-Republican board of commissioners has made decisions in the county for nearly 10 years. And we’re seeing the consequences:

  • Our county’s leaders have reduced the amount of money going to the regional health district. This has been happening over a ten-year period. And it’s not just a little bit of money that’s been taken away, it’s a LOT of money. The commissioners made poor choices about the funding of public health. Just in time for the worst pandemic in over 100 years.
  • There was resistance to change from the majority of the commissioners–and still is from a key county officeholder–on racial equity issues in our justice system.
  • All three Republican commissioners signed a letter pressuring the health officer to expedite a move to Phase 3. In June. In the midst of Covid-19. However, the county wasn’t ready for Phase 3 due to the rise of positive testing results.

The current Republican commissioners have put “business” before “science”, which isn’t the right choice. And it clearly tells us that our county leaders aren’t looking out for “people first”.

Elect Ted and David in November for Change

When elected together in November, Ted and David will be a majority on the Spokane County commission. That means that they will be able to make real-life changes to benefit our community. And they will focus on the needs of people. Not what’s best for business.