Commissioners and citizen appointments to boards and commissions

Commissioners are both the legislative and executive branches of our county government. And they have great power over appointments to local boards and commissions.

We are in a global health crisis, the worst in over 100 years. And our community may be in danger from the actions of Commissioner Josh Kerns. That’s because he put a seemingly unqualified person on our Board of Health.

As noted in this Spokesman article, one commissioner nominated a person from their district. And then the other two Republican commissioners gave a “rubber stamp” of approval. There was no review. Nor checks and balances.

Mary Kuney and Al French said “commissioners defer to the nominating commissioner when they approve each of their citizen appointments.”

That’s not “faithfully” performing the duties of their office by any stretch of the imagination.

In Spokane, appointments go through a thorough review. Citizens apply, the mayor typically nominates, and the council confirms. As a result, there’s good amount of review of appointments.

Is it too much to ask that our commissioners take more care in their appointments?

We need a review process. County staff can perform it. And only then should there be a vote.

If elected, Ted and David will not “rubber stamp” appointments.

Commissioners should not not undermine the health district. Instead, they should support science. Our commissioners must say “no” to those who may have wild theories about public health. 

For change in Spokane County, vote for Ted Cummings (District 1) and David Green (District 2).