A statement with respect to Dr. Bob Lutz

We are exceedingly disappointed with the apparent departure of Dr. Bob Lutz as Spokane Regional Health District Health Officer.

In our opinion, Dr. Lutz has ably served the residents of Spokane County with his leadership as our Health Officer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, this event reminds us that our all-Republican county commissioners (who are automatic members of the Board of Health — and who appoint another three members of the 12-member Board of Health) do not have the best track record with respect to science-based decision making.

First, one of them (not on this year’s ballot) missed 22 meetings in a row of the Board of Health. Second, the commissioners voted in June to re-open our economy before we were ready. And third, they appointed a seemingly unqualified individual to the Board of Health.

As a result, they truly seem to care more about “business” than “science”.

Three principles guide us as candidates for election as county commissioners:

  • Respect science.
  • Respect nature.
  • Respect each other.

If you have not yet cast a ballot in Spokane County, we invite you to visit our joint campaign website, www.TedAndDavid4.Us, to learn more about our support for science and science-based decisions.

And we would be honored to receive your vote.

Be sure to use a Ballot Drop Box to make sure your voice is heard. Find a Ballot Drop Box location here. The deadline for voting is Tuesday by 8:00 pm.