A statement regarding the Board of Health

Ted Cummings and David Green, candidates for county commissioner, issue this statement on the Board of Health.

Ted & David are in favor of science-based decisions with respect to public health. For instance, they previously issued a statement in support of the efforts of Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz and his work on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ted & David issue the following statement on the Board of Health

Under RCW 70.46.031, the three county commissioners determine the size and membership of the Spokane County Regional Health District’s Board of Health. Under the same RCW, persons other than elected officials must not constitute a majority of a health district’s board.

Currently, the membership of our Board of Health consists of:

  • The three elected county commissioners (Josh Kerns, Mary Kuney, and Al French),
  • Three non-elected individuals, all appointed by the county commissioners,
  • Three elected officials, chosen by and representing the City of Spokane,
  • Two elected officials, chosen by and representing the City of Spokane Valley, and
  • One elected official, chosen by and representing “small towns/cities” in Spokane County.

Ted & David Support a Review of the Board of Health’s Membership

If elected, Ted Cummings and David Green support a review of the membership of our Board of Health. For instance, this could include additional non-elected officials to the Board (such as health care professionals). The goal? To minimize the ability of elected officials to manipulate decisions made by the Board of Health. Or its Health Officer and/or its administrator.

Ted & David Pledge

Ted & David pledge that they will only appoint qualified individuals to the Board of Health. Accordingly, Ted & David will never approve of the appointment of Board of Health members who hold views that are inconsistent with science-based best practices.

Ted & David pledge they will never miss 22 meetings in a row of the Board of Health. As an example, look at Al French’s attendance record.

Ted & David pledge they will respect science-based decisions made by the Health Officer. As a result, they will never substitute their own judgment as to when Spokane County should move to a different Phase under Governor Inslee’s re-opening plan.

Voters have a Choice

There’s still time to register and vote in the election. On Sunday, November 1, in-person voter registration is available through 4 pm at CenterPlace Event Center, 2426 N Discovery Place, Spokane Valley. On Monday, November 2 and Tuesday, November 3, in-person voter registration is available at CenterPlace Event Center and the Spokane Arena, Main Northeast Entrance. Learn more about Voter Service Center hours here. If not voted at a Voter Service Center, ballots should be placed in a Ballot Drop Box no later than 8 pm on Tuesday, November 3. Here’s a list of Ballot Drop Box locations in Spokane County.

Vote for county commissioners who believe in science. Vote for Ted Cummings and David Green.

Pictures of Ted Cummings and David Green, candidates for Spokane County commissioner