It’s Time for Real Change.

Ted Cummings, District 1,; David Green, District 2, VoteDavid.Green

It’s Time for Change

After nearly 10 years of all-Republican commissioners in Spokane County, it’s time for real change. And Ted Cummings and David Green will deliver that change focusing on three principles:

Respect Science

Our current all-Republican commissioners put “business” before “science” in June. That’s when they pushed to re-open our economy before we were ready. Ted and David will follow health district guidance when making decisions and not substitute their own judgment. They pledge to regularly attend Board of Health meetings, unlike one of the commissioners not on this year’s ballot. Together, they will restore health district funding cut over the last 10 years. And Ted and David promise to appoint only qualified candidates to the Board of Health.

Respect Nature

Climate change is real. Ted and David are the only two commissioner candidates who participated in the October 7th Gonzaga-hosted Climate Change Forum. The county should focus more on climate change. Sustainability in county operations should also be reviewed. As an example, the county should consider joining the County Climate Coalition and learn what other counties have done to address this important issue. For instance, the county’s development policies could consider how those policies impact traffic, livability in our community, and our planet.

Respect Each Other

We all know there is inequity and racism in our county’s criminal justice system. And it’s been there for a long time. Our current commissioners just adopted a watered-down approach to guiding principles in our justice system that doesn’t fully meet our community’s needs. Ted and David will listen to and work with our communities of color to better understand perspectives and gather informed opinions. And then they’ll act to make sure that there is equity in our justice system.

Why “Ted and David”?

There’s an opportunity for change right now. Through 2022 two commissioners control the three-member board. (Two members are a majority and can make decisions for the entire county.) As a result, it is important to vote for both Ted and David. It’s only by voting for both Ted and David can real change come to Spokane County.

Vote Ted Cummings. Vote David Green

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